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09 Jan How I plan to lose 30 lbs of the jiggly stuff

If I could sum up my Christmas vacation time in one word it would be “fitness.”

Cookies. BBQ, Chicken fried steak, Fragipanes, salad (doesn’t fit here but I ate it)….they were all soooooooo good! So good I got fat. Thirty pounds fat!



So now it’s 2016. Resolutions and #newyearnewme are flying around everywhere and I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve gained ten pounds before, sometimes in muscle other times in fat, but this year it’s ten pounds on top of the twenty I’ve put on since getting married six months ago.

30 lbs. Ew.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I’ve decided to drop it all. Below I’m going to outline how I’m going to do it. All without going to the gym or counting calories.

David Hall & the Cellerciser

A few months ago I met David Hall who invented the Cellerciser some 25 years ago. He’s has transformed people’s lives and has the file cabinets of handwritten letters to prove it. He was in our office looking for online marketing help. I had just happened to be coming back from a client meeting when I found him and half the Sebo Marketing staff in the lobby jumping on a mini trampoline. I was a little perplexed. Turns out he needed a new website (my gig) and was giving a demonstration to the staff. I listened to his shpeal and was 90% converted. I decided I wanted to get a Cellerciser* (the mini trampoline, also called a rebounder).

The benefits, like increased white blood cell count and revitalized 90-year-old ladies who hobbled and now ski were incredible. I almost screamed “this is just snake oil” but you don’t stick around for 25+ years and have the following he does if your don’t genuinely have a good product. That’s just business 101, have an amazing product.

David Hall Cellerciser

David Hall and the Cellersicer. He’s in his 50’s. Look at those arms!

For Christmas, I found some money in a forgotten Venmo account and got one for my wife, who has wanted one for months. Given my recent separation from my last company and formation of my new company I no longer have access to a free gym membership (old company perk) so I decided this year to see what kind of results I would get using the Cellerciser in three camps, fat loss, flexibility and muscle building.

I’m going to do three rounds of testing. The first and current round will focus on fat loss. The experiment is to see if by doing the ten-minute work six days a week, how long will it take me to achieve my goal weight and body fat.

Round two will focus on muscle mass. How much muscle mass can I put on using only the cellerciser and a high protein diet?

Round three will focus on flexibility. I currently can’t even touch my toes. The goal is to be able to put my palms flat on the ground. Bonus: Grap my toes and do a pistol squat.

David Hall, in his beginners DVD, lays out a 10-minute daily workout. The DVD claims that people see results in little as two to six weeks. My test is to see how long it will take me to hit my fitness goals.

My Current and Goal Stats

Much Attractive. Such Hot. Very Health. Wow.

Much Attractive. Such Hot. Very Health. Wow.


Below is my current and goal weight with the difference:


  • Current Weight: 224.6 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 191.3 lbs
  • Difference: 33.3 lbs (I’m such a fatty)

Body Fat:

  • Current body fat: 20%
  • Goal body fat: 8%
  • Difference: 12%

Tools for Tracking

In order to track progress I”ll be using various tools, apps, and resources. I’ve listed them below so if you’d like to follow along you can.

To see progress check out my profile at Just follow this link:

I’ll be entering in my measurements, at least, every two weeks. You’ll also be able to find some awesome half naked blackmail quality photos of yours truly.

Fitbit & the Fitbit Aria Scale

I use the Fitbit tracker to track my sleep at night to ensure I’m getting between 6-8 hours of sleep as that helps with fat loss and recovery. The goal is eight hours but historically I average 7.

The Fitbit Aria scale tracks my weight and body fat automatically. I usually step on it every morning before breakfast to log my weight and body fat percentage.

View and follow my Fitbit profile here:


To help me stay conscious of my eating habits I’m using an app called Lark. It’s pretty low-key and doesn’t require you count calories. It’s the easiest food logging tool I’ve found so far. I enjoy how it helps to educate me on how to improve my food choices bit by bit without making me feel bad.

For the more advanced you can use MyFitnesspal, but I don’t want to worry about calorie tracking just, just the food I’m eating. Small wins first.


Pact is an excellent app that I’ve been using for a couple years now. It’s a stakes app, meaning if you make your pact (work out or go to the gym “x” number of times) you get rewarded with money. If you miss it you pay out money. It’s helped me to stay active and has even paid for a few date nights as well. Check it out here.

Exercise Plan

The plan is actually quite simple. Every morning for 10 minutes I follow a simple routine of eight moves:

  1. Baby Bounce – 2-3 minutes – simple gentle bouncing
  2. Run in Place – 1 minute – self-explanatory.
  3. Lean Back Kick – 1 minute – lean back slightly tightening the front of your body and kick legs out in front of you
  4. Side to Side Kick – 1 minute – kick out side to side alternating with each bounce
  5. Lean Forward Kick 1 minute – lean forward slightly tightening the back  of your body and kick legs out behind you
  6. Lower Twist – 1 minute – move your torso opposite of your legs with each bounce
  7. Squat Side to Side – 1 minute – slight squat, straight back and alternate your feet stepping in front of you
  8. Jamba Run- 1 minute – slight squat, straight back and then run in place, like the football hot feet in place.

Watch the whole workout below:

And that’s it! Super simple. How quickly do you think I’ll hit my goal? Sound off in the comments below.


*Note: If you’d like to learn more about David Hall go to

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