10 Tinder Tips for Girls - Get Tindertastic Success
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23 Sep 10 Tinder Tips for Girls: Get more right swipes and dates!

Girls. We love you but a lot of you are doing it wrong. You could be getting more dates with hotter guys but you aren’t because your Tinder profile looks like a 3 year old put it together. Never fear! I’m here to save the day and give you a better returning on swipe-vestment. (See what I did there? Witty.)

If you’re looking to use Tinder as a way to find a date and not sexy time with a stranger and collect STDs like Pokebadges, this post is for you!

So without further adieu,


(or 5 things you should stop doing now, it’s embarrassing, and 5 things to start doing)

First let’s start with the DON”T’s

1) Group Pictures – Avoid them!

Hmm a group picture. Which one is Lacy? Let’s see the next pic. Ah, yet another group picture. And the next and the next… *Left Swipe*

Group pictures are horrible. Most of the time, we guys see a group picture and if one of the girls in the picture is attractive, we will dive in further to see if any of the other pictures confirm that this attractive girl is the owner of the profile. If none of the females are attractive, Left swipe. But, that’s if we are feeling ambitous, which, most of the time that’s too much work.

Avoid Group pictures! Most of the time they are confusing, taken with bad lighting and set you up to be compared against all the other girls. Why is this bad. If one of the other girls in the picture looks hot, you look less hot by comparison. If you absolutely have to use a group picture, make sure you surround yourself with your less attractive friends so you look smoking by comparison. (we all have those friends, you know, the sweet spirits!)

2)Sunglass Pictures – What are you hiding…..

People who wear sunglasses in their pictures hide their most attractive part of their face, the eyes! Sure it shifts the attention to your lips which we may find attractive too, but the eyes…they are the focal point of the face and we want to see them and how beautiful (or not) they are before swiping. Sunglasses just make that difficult and usually result in a left swipe.

3) Back Lit photos & filters – Since when did Michael Bay team up with Instagram?

Yeah you can apply an instagram filter or siloutte your face with the sun behind you! ….Stop it! You may think it looks pretty and artsy and shows off your creative side, but it really just makes it hard to tell if you are attractive. If its too hard to tell, left swipe.

4) Only Head shots – We know you’re ashamed of your body…

If you only are posting head shots, we can tell you’re not confident in your body. Who wants to date someone with low confidence? If you’re a big girl and don’t like your body, change it! But for Tinders sake, don’t hide it. Nothing is worse than going on a date because of a cute face only to find out that the body doesn’t match the expectation. We feel decieved, misled, lied too and have already lost all attraction. As a result the date probably was a waste of time for both parties. There are guys out there who love big girls. Let them know who you are and they will find you and love you.

5) Far Away shots- Awww look, cute! An ant!

What are you trying to say with these shots? “Hey, I’m good from far but far from good!” Seriously? These shots must go! Throw them out like 3 week old take out! These just take up space and do you no good.


Now the DO’s

1) Do post quality photos!

What are the quality photos? Let them simulate a real interaction with a potential date! When you meet someone you find attractive you check them out! Face, hips, butt, boobs, hair, mouth, etc. You size those up and if they match what you like, BAM attraction is made. Then when you talk with them if they are intelligent, witty, funny, etc., that attraction grows and voila, relationship. So set that up digitally!

Post these photos:

  • A well lit head shot with good makeup and hair. If you live in Utah, everyone and their dog is a photographer so it won’t be hard to get some decent head shots. Just ask some guy you know with a camera to take you on a photo shoot. Men love feeling wanted so we’ll totally do it.
  • Full body shot – Show off what you’ve got! Be proud & confident in the photo. We like that! If you’re feeling ambitious do a front and side shot!
  • Activity/Interest photos – these tell what your profile doesn’t – Post photos of your running a race, swimming, doing a mud run, climbing, being a total goofball, anything that shows you have a personality and interest in something other than fashion and clothes. Those items are great but we want to have someone we can go explore and enjoy life with.

2) The profile section – A secondary filter

The profile filters out the people who find you attractive but don’t match your ideas. If you’re a level 30 warlock who has obtain the sword of 1000 truths, that makes you much more attractive to one group of guys than another. This things need to be known.

3) Be engaging!

The typical “Sup?, Hey!, Yo!” Don’t do it for us. Show us you have brains to go with that beauty! (Guys, if you’re reading this, do the same). It’s okay to to say things like, “Hi, how are you?” but its much more effective to comment on something special in the photo, their interest, etc. Facebook gives you a great list of their activities in their profile so venture to ask about their latest snowboarding trip, favorite episode of Family Guy, or how long they have been a Belieber (this one should help you weed out the bad ones).

Dale Carnegie in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” said you will make more friends in two months being interested in others than in two years trying to get others to be interested in  you.  So be engaging. Be interested. Be a friend.

4) Apply the 80/20 Rule –

The 80/20 Rule states that 80% of the outputs or results come from 20% of the inputs. Translation: 20% of what is going on with your profile is creating 80% of your dates. In your case is that 80% weirdoes or hunks?

On a regular basis, say monthly or weekly, run some test. Switch out your profile pictures. Or try a new description. Or update your interests and likes on Facebook to reflect what you currently like.  By doing so you will be able to identify what 20% of the things on your profile are resulting in 80% of the dates with guys you want to date.

5) Be honest – often not lying to ourself is the hardest thing to do

Sounds super easy and lame I know but realistically, this is the hardest point to follow for many reason.

First, don’t waste the other persons time or lead them on. It’s nice to be wanted. It’s nice to have guys show interest in you. But if you’re just talking with a guy or going on a date with him because your bored or want the attention, then you should consider taking up some hobbies. I’m all about the one date rule – give every guy at least one date because you never know. BUT, I also believe that you shouldn’t go out with people you absolutely know you don’t need a date to figure out their not right for you. Telling yourself your giving them a chance when in reality you’re just bored is dishonest.

Second, don’t use guys to fill a void. Tinder is excellent for hooking up for whatever reason, but its always a shallow quick fix which usually leaves you feel ing even emptier than before. Be honest that your lonely, empty or missing something and fill that void with friends, books, hobbies, service, anything other than an empty one night stand on all levels.

Lastly, listen to your gut. Some profiles might look super appealing. Hunky Hunk my have a nice car and muscles but does he have a brain? Can you talk with him outside of grunts and farts? Deep down inside even though you want do your laundry on his washboard abs, your gut may be telling you “DANGER!” Call it animal instinct, intuition, or what you want. Listen to it. It’s usually right. Don’t deceive yourself into believing your guts wrong. The book Blink begs to differ.

Now I could go on about how being a better person attracts better people but we’ll save that for another post.

I practice what I preach. As an internet marketer I have a background in messaging, testing, and data based results so it’s natural for me to look at odd things like Tinder and think about how to optimize the experience. I’ve tried to do all these recommendations and have gotten great results! Her name is Lindsey and I love her lots! We are even planning on getting married. Good thing she swiped right. 🙂

Now for an old video I made! Enjoy:

What tips would you recommend for better Tinder Success? What things are you doing to attract the guys you want?List them below in the comments!

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